Data inventory for RRS Discovery cruise DY026A

A provisional inventory of data sets collected during RRS Discovery cruise DY026A has been created in order to keep participants informed about the status of data processing. Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you have data sets to include in the inventy, or you notice any errors please contact Louise Darroch.

Data set description Source Status
Underway navigation, meteorology and sea surface hydrographyJo HopkinsReceived
Dissolved organic matter (DOC,DON,DOP) from CTD bottles and from underway non-toxic supplyNealy Carr and Claire MahaffeyData set overdue - was expected 2015-08-25
Particulate organic matter (POC, PON, POP) from CTD bottles and Marine Snow CatchersClare Davis and Claire MahaffeyReceived
CTD (upcast) sample filesJo HopkinsReceived
Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and total alkalinity (TA) from CTD bottlesMatthew P HumphreysReceived
Photosynthetic parameters and chlorophyll for distinct size fractions (0.2-2 μm, 2-20 μm and >20)Kieran CurranData set overdue - was expected 2015-12-01
Discrete CTD salinity data from DY026AJo HopkinsReceived
Inorganic nutrients (nitrite, nitrate+nitrite, phosphate, silicate, ammonium) from CTD bottlesE Malcolm S WoodwardReceived - online data delivery available
Phytoplankton absorption spectra from total and distinct size-fraction (0.2-2 μm, 2-20 μm and >20)Kieran CurranData set overdue - was expected 2015-12-01
Vessel mounted ADCPJo HopkinsData not expected
Amico acids from CTD bottlesNealy Carr and Claire MahaffeyReceived
CTD (downcast) seriesJo HopkinsReceived - online data delivery available