Data inventory for RV Prince Madog cruise PD20140628

A provisional inventory of data sets collected during RV Prince Madog cruise PD20140628 has been created in order to keep participants informed about the status of data processing. Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you have data sets to include in the inventy, or you notice any errors please contact Louise Darroch.

Data set description Source Status
Bottom water nutrientsSilke Kroeger and Briony E SilburnReceived
SPI sediment imagesSilke KroegerData set overdue - was expected 2016-11-15
OCN/Chla/PorositySilke KroegerReceived
Oxygen profilesSilke KroegerReceived
PSA data from core samplesMarija SciberrasReceived
Sediment porewater nutrientsSilke KroegerReceived
Infauna data collected using sediment coresMarija SciberrasReceived