Data inventory for RRS Discovery cruise DY017

A provisional inventory of data sets collected during RRS Discovery cruise DY017 has been created in order to keep participants informed about the status of data processing. Information has been obtained from cruise reports and cruise personnel. If you have data sets to include in the inventy, or you notice any errors please contact Louise Darroch.

Data set description Source Status
Dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity from CTD bottlesSusan E HartmanData set overdue - was expected 2015-11-08
Near surface Ocean Profiler measurementsRichard Sims and Stuart PainterData set overdue - was expected 2015-11-08
Total dissolvable and dissolved iron from CTD bottlesMaeve Lohan and Antony BirchillData set overdue - was expected 2016-12-31
CTD stations (downcast series)Stuart PainterReceived
Inorganic Nutrient Analysis from CTD bottlesStuart Painter and Chris J DanielsReceived
CTD stations (upcast bottle firings)Stuart PainterReceived
Ligands from CTD bottlesMartha GledhillAwaiting data - expected 2018-09-01
Particulate trace metals from CTD bottlesAngela Milne et al.Data set overdue - was expected 2016-12-01
Organic nutrients and stable isotopes from CTD bottlesNealy Carr et al.Data set overdue - was expected 2015-11-08
Vessel-mounted ADCPSam Jones and Stuart PainterReceived
Phytoplankton community structure and chlorophyllBeatrix Anna Siemering and Stuart PainterReceived
Trace metal sampling from CTD bottlesMaeve Lohan et al.Awaiting data - expected 2017-11-08
Total dissolvable and dissolved trace metals from CTD bottlesDagmara RusieckaData set overdue - was expected 2016-09-30
Dissolved Oxygen from CTD bottlesVictoria Hemsley and Stuart PainterData set overdue - was expected 2015-11-08
POC/PON, POP, Bsi and PIC underway and CTD samplingStephanie Allen and Stuart PainterData set overdue - was expected 2015-11-08
Underway navigation, bathymetry, meteorology and sea surface hydrographyStuart Painter and Sam JonesReceived