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Wednesday 3 December 2014


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We finished up all of the sampling during yesterday afternoon, and headed in past the Needles lighthouse on the west corner of the Isle of Wight. The pilot was picked up just before Calshot Spit, and we steamed up Southampton Water. It was bitterly cold! Probably the coldest weather we had experienced all cruise.

The ship docked in Empress Dock, in front of the Oceanography Centre, just after 1700. As soon as the gangway was in place, and we’d got the announcement that the ship had been cleared by customs, off we all went – the entire science group headed off through the docks to the Platform Tavern.

And that’s it. A very busy morning ahead as we unload the ship, but normally we are able to get away by noon. The end of a very productive cruise, with remarkable weather allowing us to do a lot more than we expected.

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